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Welcome to Virtual Personal Training with StartLive.Fit! My ​mission is straightforward to make exercise accessible and ​achievable for everyone. I believe that fitness is a journey, ​not a destination, and I'm here to accompany you every ​step of the way.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, and/or ​become healthier my personalized virtual training sessions ​via Zoom or the StartLiveFit app are designed to empower ​you to take charge of your health and fitness. With my ​guidance and support, we'll work together to crush your ​fitness goals and unlock your full potential.

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Is Zoom training right for me?

Zoom training is suitable for individuals who value ​convenience, flexibility, and personalized guidance in their ​fitness journey. It's ideal for those who prefer working out ​from the comfort of your own home or have busy schedules ​that make it difficult to commit to in-person sessions. If ​you're looking for one-on-one interaction with a certified ​personal trainer, real-time feedback, and accountability, ​Zoom training can be an excellent option.

Is in-app training right for me?

In-app training appeals to individuals who prefer a more ​self-directed approach to fitness and have the discipline to ​follow pre-designed workout plans independently. It's ​suitable for those who enjoy flexibility in scheduling their ​workouts and don't require real-time feedback or interaction ​with a trainer. If you're comfortable using technology and ​motivated to stay consistent with your workouts without the ​need for personalized guidance, in-app training may be a ​good fit for you.

Key Features

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Get personalized coaching and ​support to create a custom ​plan tailored to your goals, ​lifestyle, and fitness level for ​staying on track.

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It's a fitness companion ​offering workout, habit, and ​food tracking features, ​personalized sessions, and live ​trainer videos to support ​fitness goals.

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The program offers continuous ​support through text and in-app ​messaging, available 24/7 to assist ​you throughout your fitness ​journey.

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Level up your fitness journey with ​virtual personal training, building ​habits and discipline for ​unstoppable progress and lasting ​results.

The In-App



App customizes fitness ​plan, tracks workouts, ​photos, stats.

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Dashboard manages ​workouts, habits, ​nutrition, and more.

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Habit Tracking

Track habits for ​success; it's essential ​for progress.

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Ex​ercise Demo

Workouts include video ​guidance for instant ​exercise demos.

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Get personalized ​nutrition plan, track it, ​receive feedback.

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App offers weekly ​check-ins, unlimited in-​app trainer support.

On Virtual

Virtual personal training by StartLiveFit offers tailored ​fitness sessions conducted via Zoom, providing you with ​personalized workouts and guidance from a certified trainer ​– me. These one-on-one sessions are designed to meet ​your specific fitness needs and goals, ensuring a focused ​and effective workout experience. Through live video ​sessions, I provide real-time feedback, motivation, and ​support to help you achieve your desired results.

StartLiveFit's virtual personal training empowers you to ​reach your goals from the comfort of your home. Let's work ​together to create a customized fitness plan that fits ​seamlessly into your lifestyle and helps you become the ​best version of yourself.

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Monthly Pricing

Choose Your Best Plan

All plans come with customized workout & diet programs, phone support, and unlimited in-app check ins.

In-App Plan comes with:

  • Customized Fitness Plan
  • Diet Plan & Guidance
  • Workout Dashboard
  • Phone Support & Check-ins

In-App+Zoom Plan comes with:

  • All of In-App Plan
  • Two 30 Min Zoom Workouts
  • 1 Zoom Check-ins
  • VIP Support

Premium Plan comes with:

  • All of In-App Plan
  • 1 In-Person (​San Jose Area)
  • Two 30 Min​ Zoom Workou​ts​
  • VIP Support

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Your new workout buddy awaits.

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