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Many companies place a great priority on the well-being of its workforce. Aside from feeling more alert and energized, employees who participate in the program often report that they are more satisfied with their jobs.

StartLiveFit customizes physical activity programs to fit the needs of your company/group. Whether you’re looking for group fitness training to fun fitness challenge for your employees, we have a variety of options. We can accommodate any size groups including municipals, companies, apartments/condos, team events, and many more. Almost all of the program’s most important features are available both on-site and online.

Benefits Of Fit@Work

Physical exercise has a significant impact on workers’ health, well-being, and quality of life.

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Reduce Stress

Wellness fitness programs help employees feel better psychologically and physically at work

Better Work Performance

When a fitness plan is implemented, productivity increases. Exercise increases vitality, enhances well-being, and combats lethargy.

Better Team Dynamics

Implementing a workplace fitness program will result in a healthier team environment.

Decrease Healthcare Costs

Studies show workplace wellness programs can save 25% on absenteeism, health care costs, workers' comp, and disability claims.

Key Features

With these features, in no time, your employees will be up and running literally.

Small Group Training

A fantastic way to have fun while also getting some exercise with co-workers in a small to medium group setting.

Fitness App

With the fitness app, employees can track their stats, habits, progress, and can join individual or group fitness challenges.

Fitness Evaluation & Plan

Employees will complete a physical fitness evaluation and decide their fitness plan with the help of a personal trainer.

Corporate Fitness Example Plan

An excellent corporate fitness program helps employees reach their full potential. 

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Small Group Training

Small group fitness can provide a strong sense of camaraderie amongst your team.

Employee Fitness Evaluation

Each employee's fitness level can be determined by completing an individual fitness evaluation.

Employee Individual Fit Plan

Individual plan assists employees in meeting their own fitness goals and desires.

Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges make fitness fun and more desirable to your employees.

Fitness App

With Fitness App, tracking individual workouts at work and home is easier than ever.

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Make a positive impact on your employees' well-being today. Fit employees equal happy employees.

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