End of Hallow-Lean; Start of Thanksgiving “Thinner”

Joseph Abadilla

Hey, challengers! Can you believe it’s already October 28th? Just 3 days left in our Hallow-Lean challenge! As a group, we’ve shed 104 pounds!🤯 Major kudos to our top five: Challengers 21 at 3.06%, 23 with 3.68%, 35 at 3.85%, 26 smashing it at 4.88%, and 16 taking the lead at 5.32% weight loss! 🎉🎃💪

And thats not all! Four dedicated folks—Challengers 2, 4, 9 (that’s me!), and 19—are still going strong in our Buildup – “Save Her!” mini-challenge. We rock! 🌟

Hang tight, because we’re not stopping here! Right after we crown the Hallow-Lean winners, we’re plunging into the Thanksgiving “Thinner” phase, starting November 1st! We’re going full throttle, no breaks! 🦃👟

And here’s the kicker: nested within Thanksgiving “Thinner” is the “Burnout – Help Free Eddie!” mini-challenge. Yep, more excitement, more challenges!

Introducing the “Burnout – Help Free Eddie!” challenge kicking off on November 1st, for 22 days, you’ve got ONE MINUTE daily to do a randomly selected exercise. Your individual reps are crucial but this will be a group effort.  Watch the “Eddie Cam” for live updates; the more reps we all crank out, the more Eddie’s cell door creaks open. But don’t slack—fewer reps mean that door will slam shut faster than we can say “turkey”! 🦃🔒💥

So, are we ready to go full tilt? Let’s give Hallow-Lean the send-off it deserves and zoom into Thanksgiving “Thinner!” Every rep counts, not just for you but for Eddie’s freedom too! LET’S GO ALL OUT, TEAM! 🦃💪🔥

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